Infiniti G37 Replacement Rear Arm Bushing

G37 Bushings

Has the rear arm bushings worn down on your Infiniti G37? Then you may consider replacing them with new rear arm bushings like the one shown above. The individual component of this part is made with high quality materials. Unlike competitors this manufacturer uses only high quality Natural Rubber (75%) and (25%) synthetic Rubber.

This means that it is more durable, will last longer, and can handle temperatures from -40 to +140 degrees. The Rubber wont rub off on your hand like the cheap replacement parts offered by competitors.

Head over to Amazon and grab your replacement for only $16.56 plus free shipping!

ASIN: B00R9758IQ
Model: NAB-209
OEM Part Number: 55476AR002, 55476-7S000, 55476-AR002, NAB-209

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