How to Fix Leaking Sunroof and Clean Sunroof Drains

The video above shows you how dirty Infiniti G37 sunroof drains can get and how you can clean them. Check over on Amazon to see if they have any sunroof drain hoses, sunroof drain plugs or anything similar.

Here are a few other videos that you may consider checking out to learn how to clean the sunroof drains on your Infiniti G37:

  • Easy way to clean sunroof drains – Video
  • How to Fix a Leaking Sunroof & Prevent Puddles – Video
  • DIY: Sunroof Maintenance Tips – Video

2 Replies to “How to Fix Leaking Sunroof and Clean Sunroof Drains”

  1. i’m looking at the sunroof drain leak videos. i have had these on 2 g37s . i’m thinking of just taping over the roof seals with electrical tape. would this solve the problem? it’s not elegant, but i have no use for the sunroof and never use it.

    1. Hi Sam

      I am considering the same approach for the problem that you describe. Did you do that and did it work?


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