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Infiniti InTouch Services through Amazon Alexa

Did you know you can use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle using the Infiniti InTouch Services Skill with Amazon Alexa. You can now control your Infiniti by using just your voice, giving you confidence and convenience right from your home Forgot […]

Infiniti Q50 inTouch Screen Issues

Has anyone else had any issues with their Infiniti inTouch system? The video above shows how slow the system loads… It takes roughly 1 minute and 37 seconds just load everything up. Is this a standard issue for the 2014 Infiniti Q50? Here are a few other videos to check […]

How to Use Infiniti Connection with Amazon Alexa

Amazon offers the ability to tie your Infiniti Q50 to the Amazon Alexa. Use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle, with the Infiniti Connection®* If you’re looking for more information on enabling the Infiniti Connection Skill for your equipped and enrolled Infiniti […]

Infiniti Q50 – How to Disconnect your Bluetooth

A simple yet useful tutorial video on how you can easily disconnect the Bluetooth on your 2018 Infiniti Q50. There are also some Amazon Alexa commands you can say to possibly speed up your process. Use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle, […]

How to Reboot InTouch System – Infiniti Q50

Is your Infiniti Q50 InTouch system frozen or stuck? Then you may want to check out the video above because it will show you how to reset / reboot the InTouch system. Here are a few other videos that show issues pertaining to the Infiniti InTouch: Q50 inTouch System Lockup […]

Infiniti Q50 Android Module integrated with InTouch

Infiniti Q50 Dash

The links provided shows you how someone installed what appears to be an updated version of the Infiniti InTouch module. The first link is a video of the install whereas the second link shows what the module can do. Q50 Android Install Q50 Android Module YouTube play and Music Download […]

Infiniti Q50 InTouch Self-Diagnostics

Above is a video that shows “Self-Diagnostics” of the Infiniti InTouch system. If you own an Infiniti Q50 you may want to watch the video for some simple insight. Learn how you can troubleshoot any component connectivity on the Infiniti Q50, regardless the year: 2013-2016.

My Suggested Infiniti Q50 Improvements

I must say I’m so thankful that I purchased a used 2014 Infiniti Q50 because, I would have been pretty upset paying full price for this car. Granted I love the sleek look and performance the car offers it’s just that I would have loved to have seen the following […]