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Infiniti Q50 & G37 Replacement Ignition Coil

Did the ignition coil go bad on your Infiniti Q50 or G37? The image above shows the replacement part for your Infiniti. Head over to Amazon and grab your replacement ignition coil for only $42.00 plus shipping. When ordering this or any other part for your Infiniti make sure the […]

Infiniti Replacement Rear Stabilizer Bushing

Are the Rear Stabilizer Bushings worn out on your Infiniti? Do you need to replace them with OEM parts that are compatible? Head on over to Amazon and get your Rear Stabilizer Bushings for around $9.95 & FREE Shipping! The parts shown are genuine Febest REAR STABILIZER BUSHING D24. They […]

Infiniti G37 Replacement Hydraulic Clutch Hose

Is your Infiniti G37 clutch acting up? Maybe the Hydraulic Clutch Hose needs to be replaced? This replacement part is a direct proper fit every time. Quality construction ensures strength, chemical and thermal resistance for longer life. These clutch hoses with banjo-end fittings come with new copper washers for a […]

Infiniti EX35 Replacement Front Engine Cover

Are you working on your Infiniti EX35 and you need to replace the engine cover? The one shown in the image above is the perfect replacement part and for only $26.97 who can beat that price!? Head over to Amazon and grab your replacement front engine cover today and get […]

Infiniti Replacement Power Steering Reservoir

Do you need to replace the Power Steering Reservoir on your Infiniti? Here is the replacement Power Steering Reservoir part you need! Below is a list of Infiniti Models the Power Steering Reservoir can replace: 08-11 Infiniti EX35 09-10 Infiniti FX35 09-10 Infiniti FX50 07-08 Infiniti G35 08-11 Infiniti G37 […]

How to replace wipers on an Infiniti G37

Would you like to replace the wipers on your Infiniti G37? Simply follow the tutorial in the video above to replace your wipers. Here are a few replacement wipers that are listed over on Amazon: 2008-2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe Replacement Wiper Blade Set/Kit (Set of 2 Blades) 2010-2013 Infiniti G37 […]

Infiniti Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensors

The Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor, also known as the Knock Sensor or KS, “listens” for certain harmonic frequencies associated with engine knock or “ping” and sends a voltage signal to the Engine Control Module (ECM) when detected. The ECM calculates proper ignition spark timing based in part on the Ignition […]