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Infiniti Q50 – Android Car Radio Head Unit with CarPlay

Looking to upgrade or replace the InTouch system on your Infiniti Q50, Q50S, Q60, Q60S? The system shown above is pure Android 9.0 OS with Carplay and is fully compatible with stock Infiniti InTouch. Capacitive Multi-Touch screen with the ability for Bluetooth hands-free phone call, Synchronize contact list and a […]

Infiniti InTouch Services through Amazon Alexa

Did you know you can use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle using the Infiniti InTouch Services Skill with Amazon Alexa. You can now control your Infiniti by using just your voice, giving you confidence and convenience right from your home Forgot […]

How to Connect your Phone to your Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50 Dash

Are you looking to set up you phone through your Infiniti Q50 technology system? The brief video above provide a perfect “how to” tutorial to get it set up. Here are several videos that are related to the one in mention: Connecting I-Phone to INFINITI Q50 – Video Infiniti Q50 […]

My Suggested Infiniti Q50 Improvements

I must say I’m so thankful that I purchased a used 2014 Infiniti Q50 because, I would have been pretty upset paying full price for this car. Granted I love the sleek look and performance the car offers it’s just that I would have loved to have seen the following […]

Infiniti Q50 InTouch Apps – Where are they?

(Photo: Credits) The above video shows some of the apps that are used with the Infiniti Q50 InTouch system. Please note I didn’t create the video I just found the video while searching for Infiniti Q50 InTouch apps. I was hoping that there were more than two apps for the […]

Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard Simulator

(Photo: Credits) I recently found a great Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard simulator. The simulator allows you to test out the InTouch applications as well as the navigation feature. Now only if the real InTouch System would process as fast as the simulator. Check out the Infiniti Q50 simulator and feel […]