2014 Infiniti Q50 – Climate Controls and Issues

The above video shows how to use the climate controls in the 2014 Infiniti Q50. The video also covers the touch screen features as well as the buttons along the side of the lower screen.

If you own an Infiniti Q50 have you had any issues with the climate controls?

On a side note: I own a 2014 Q50 and just recently I’ve started to have issues with the climate controls. My issue is that When I set the A/C to 60 degrees for both sides of the car (driver & passenger) the driver side blows out warm air and the passenger side is blowing out cold air. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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  1. My 2014 Q50 is at dealer right now with same issue. At first they said they couldn’t identify, until I sat with them in the car until it occurred.. (they still have it 5 days later).

    1. They finally identified it was the air mix door motor(s), which required removal of the entire dash for repair, and was covered by warranty as it would’ve been very expensive.

      1. Thanks for the information Pbe. I’ve taken my car in on three different occasions and they still couldn’t identity the issue. The odd thing is that it randomly occurs.

  2. I have the same issue but is a Q50 2015 that one side is cooler than the other. I advised them was my beleive something was wrong with the door actuator. They test and found loose of freon, so they add 1/2 lb. Start cooling very well for several days.The car is doing it again, but this time both sides have the same air feel…cool not cold. What they did to correct your car issues?

  3. I have been having the same issue with mine also. I brought up the issue when I had the oil changed a few weeks ago and was told there was nothing wrong. I plan to take it back to them. The issue occurs more frequently now.

  4. My 2015 has the same problem. I was told it was a software issue. the second time it occurred they changed their story stating it may be an issue with the motors, but the part is on back order.

  5. Same issue with my 2015 Q50. Sometimes it’s warm on my side and cooler on the passenger side (but still not as cool as it should be). This is unacceptable in South Florida.

    1. Yeah take it to the dealer and let them know that the A/C unit needs to be replaced… It’s a faulty flaw that the Q50’s have they can contact Infiniti and see it is. In addition it should be covered under warranty.

  6. I have the same issue with my q50, LH side warm, RH side cold. I’m in Australia so it’s the passenger side that gets warm. The dealership hasn’t been able to figure it out, and they had it several times (still under warranty).

  7. I have an issue with my Infinity Q50 air condition. It blows air but not cold air. Anybody have had similar issue?

  8. Just took mine in with A/C blowing at 85° on the Driver’s Side and 66° on the passenger side. Replaced the Actuator Door on the Driver’s Side for $140.00 total and it’s running at 40° now both sides.

    1. I have a 2018 Q50 that has the same issue but not all the time. Dealer will not fix under warranty because they said they can’t replicate the problem

    2. The $140 did you replace that and you are mechanically inclined where did you have someone do that you’re so where did you have that done. Did that require taking the entire dash off?

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