My Suggested Infiniti Q50 Improvements

I must say I’m so thankful that I purchased a used 2014 Infiniti Q50 because, I would have been pretty upset paying full price for this car. Granted I love the sleek look and performance the car offers it’s just that I would have loved to have seen the following amenities:

  • When I enter the car I would like it if the radio screen stayed displayed and not revert back to the main screen. (this would be a great “user” setting)
  • I really don’t understand why there are two ways to change the temperature in the car (climate button & side temperature buttons) it should be one or the other.
  • When I go to change the radio station and I scroll past the six main channels it would be great if the next panel of stations showed up on the screen if I start venturing into the next set of stations. Example: If I go past channel six onto channel seven it should then show that panel of stations.
  • The loading of apps should not take as long as they do! It’s a bit ridiculous for a car with this much technology to be as slow as it is.
  • The back up indicators need to be displayed the second I put my car in reverse not after they load in the system.
  • Prevent the passenger seat from shaking while going over bumps or rail road tracks.
  • The main thing that bothered me the most when I purchased the car was the lack of apps! I truly thought that there was going to be more than two or three measly apps.

Does anyone else have any similar suggestions? If so feel free to leave a comment below to share in the discussion.

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  1. on the climate change for the care don’t forget the third feature… the voice activation control! Why are there 3 options?? they could also have had a “scan” feature to the radio.

  2. I just picked up a 2014 and I agree with these issues. Not being able to set a default for the screens is ridiculous. I have the non-Nav and it always pops back to the clock on the top screen. I would be mad if I was buying this new, but I got a great deal and the car drives and handles extremely well. For InTouch, I think our only hope now is if some Android hacker buys a Q50 and gets frustrated enough to root and fix InTouch 🙂 Unlikely though, as you can’t just go get another InTouch system if you brick it.

    Very nice site BTW!

  3. Indeed, either buttons or touch screen, not both. And open source Android or IOS system for the intouch, where you can load all google play or istore apps yourself, with update possibility to new versions of Android or IOS. It is utterly redicilous that such a car has such an autdated interface (android 2.2!?). Even at Renault or Opel these options are better.

  4. How about when u turn the car off the radio stays on instead u have to wait for the thing to load again also the screen sucks for watching videos all they had to do is tilt it down a bit more never mind what it takes to actually get video on the screen considering there’s one Rca video input and one aux input and no Dvd player the amount of cables and converters is ridiculous could’ve been solved with an HDMI input

  5. Same i own a 2014 i have being waiting for over 3 weeks for a replacement MCU that controls the top and bottom screen. What a joke Infiniti does not give a shit about its owners. I will never buy another Infiniti i would rather go too KIA thats right KIA.

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