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Infiniti InTouch Services through Amazon Alexa

Did you know you can use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle using the Infiniti InTouch Services Skill with Amazon Alexa. You can now control your Infiniti by using just your voice, giving you confidence and convenience right from your home Forgot […]

Top 10 Car Wash Sponges for an Infiniti

Are you looking for some car wash equipment to use on your Infiniti to keep it looking showroom fresh? How about considering some of these exterior care specialty items shown below: Machine Washable Microfiber Mitt – Only $14.44 Detailer’s Preference Eurow Microfiber Interior & Exterior Cleaning Glove – Only $6.95 […]

How to adjust the Headlamp Height on your Infiniti

Are the headlights on your Infiniti shining up in the sky or are they blinding people when you pass by them on the highway. The video above is a great tutorial on how to adjust you headlamp height settings. According to the video description this method should be the same […]

How to Use Infiniti Connection with Amazon Alexa

Amazon offers the ability to tie your Infiniti Q50 to the Amazon Alexa. Use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle, with the Infiniti Connection®* If you’re looking for more information on enabling the Infiniti Connection Skill for your equipped and enrolled Infiniti […]

Infiniti Q50 – How to Disconnect your Bluetooth

A simple yet useful tutorial video on how you can easily disconnect the Bluetooth on your 2018 Infiniti Q50. There are also some Amazon Alexa commands you can say to possibly speed up your process. Use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle, […]

Infiniti G35 Auto Head Light Setting Adjustments

A short and simple video about setting the headlight adjustments on your Infiniti G35. The video shows you how to change the countdown time before the lights going off. So in other-words If you don’t open the door the light will continue to stay on for a excessive amount of […]

How to Fix Leaking Sunroof and Clean Sunroof Drains

The video above shows you how dirty Infiniti G37 sunroof drains can get and how you can clean them. Check over on Amazon to see if they have any sunroof drain hoses, sunroof drain plugs or anything similar. Here are a few other videos that you may consider checking out […]

How to fix your Infiniti G37 Windows after Power Loss

Are you having issues with the windows on your Infiniti G37. These issues maybe similar to; the windows aren’t going all the way up or down or if the automatic up and down functions. The video shows you a simple fix to help when your car losses power and your […]