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Infiniti Q50 – Android Car Radio Head Unit with CarPlay

Looking to upgrade or replace the InTouch system on your Infiniti Q50, Q50S, Q60, Q60S? The system shown above is pure Android 9.0 OS with Carplay and is fully compatible with stock Infiniti InTouch. Capacitive Multi-Touch screen with the ability for Bluetooth hands-free phone call, Synchronize contact list and a […]

2014 Infiniti Q50 Anti-glare Navigation Screen Protector

(Photo: Credits) Are you looking for a way to protect the finger prints all over your Infiniti Q50 touch screen? Well, ScreenPatronus provides the highest transparency while still delivering scratch resistant protection for your Display! All ScreenPatronus Screen protectors are made of the highest quality available with 100% Bubble-Free Silicon […]

Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard Simulator

(Photo: Credits) I recently found a great Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard simulator. The simulator allows you to test out the InTouch applications as well as the navigation feature. Now only if the real InTouch System would process as fast as the simulator. Check out the Infiniti Q50 simulator and feel […]

Infiniti Q50 Touch Screen OEM 3D Navigation

(Photo: Credits) The above Infiniti Q50 Navigation modification is one of the best ones that I’ve come across online. However, in my opinion I would have much rather seen it placed in the upper screen instead of the lower one. But never the less I would much rather have this […]

Infiniti Q50 Navigation Hack – Unlocked Video Access

Infiniti Q50 Dash

The video above shows how someone unlocked their Navigation system in the Infiniti Q50 so it allows them to watch movies while the car is in motion. Now if there were only a tutorial on how to do this it would make a bunch of Infiniti Q50 owners happy! While […]