Pack of 2 Infiniti Q50 – Car Door Logo Projectors

door projections
(Photo: Credits)

High definition logo projector cast a clear and bright logo on the ground every time you open the car door. The lights project brighter light than the OEM light yet fits just like the OEM.
Installation requires No Drilling, No Rewiring, Or Dissembling to the car doors. Total installation time will only take 1 minute for each door.

Installation Instructions:
1. Use a Flathead Screwdriver or Installation Tool in the Package to Remove and Disconnect Original Door Step Lights;
2. Plug In KingCK Door Lights with Correspondent Connector;
3. Put KingCK Door Lights to the Spot Where your original Step Lights Were.
4. Bam! Done! Logo Should Be Projecting on to the Ground.

You can grab a pack for around $45 over on Amazon.

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