Infiniti Q50 Dashboard Gauges Turn Off Automatically

dashboard gauges

Has anyone else experienced their Infiniti Q50 dashboard glitching up? In other words… Were you driving or in a stopped position and then all of a sudden the whole dashboard goes haywire?

Well this happened to mine! My Infiniti Q50 was still running in the parked position (I was on the phone in my car about to get out) then out of nowhere all the gauges in the dashboard went off and restarted like it does when the car first starts up.
I tried to research “Google” it by looking up similar issues to mine:

  • Infiniti Q50 Dashboard glitch
  • Gauges freaking out on Infiniti Q50
  • Q50 gauges automatically going off while driving
  • Infiniti Q50 gauges automatically resetting

But, all I could find was this forum where someone was talking about their similar experience with the dashboard turning off. There is also mention of Infiniti diagnostic modes and error codes.

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