Category: Replacement Parts

Replacement Infiniti Automatic Trans Oil Pan Gasket

Has the oil pan gasket gone bad in your Infiniti? Do you need to replace it with an affordable replacement? The Infiniti Genuine Torque Converter Housing Case Oil Pan Gasket can be found on Amazon for around $36.15 & FREE Shipping! The automatic transmission oil pan gasket is designed to […]

Infiniti Q50 Custom Fit All-Weather Carpet Floor Mats

Do you need new floor mats in your Infiniti Q50 or are you looking to replace the existing ones? The custom fit all-weather leather floor mats shown above are full surrounded, stain-resistant, easy to install and waterproof luxury leather. The set over on Amazon includes the full set mats for […]

Infiniti Q50 & G37 Replacement Ignition Coil

Did the ignition coil go bad on your Infiniti Q50 or G37? The image above shows the replacement part for your Infiniti. Head over to Amazon and grab your replacement ignition coil for only $42.00 plus shipping. When ordering this or any other part for your Infiniti make sure the […]

Infiniti Replacement Rear Stabilizer Bushing

Are the Rear Stabilizer Bushings worn out on your Infiniti? Do you need to replace them with OEM parts that are compatible? Head on over to Amazon and get your Rear Stabilizer Bushings for around $9.95 & FREE Shipping! The parts shown are genuine Febest REAR STABILIZER BUSHING D24. They […]

Infiniti Q50 – How to Change / Replace the Battery

The DIY video above provides a great tutorial on how to replace the car battery on an Infiniti Q50. Over on Amazon they have a DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery for around $193.00 plus shipping. Some details about the DieHard Battery for your Infiniti: 20X more vibration protection safeguards […]

How to Replace the License Plate Light Bulbs – Q50

If you’re looking to replace the License Plate Light Bulbs on your Infiniti Q50 then check out the video tutorial above. You’ll also want to head over to Amazon and grab some LED bulbs for around $14.75 with free shipping. The Philips Vision LEDs are available for brake and taillights, […]

Infiniti Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Kit

Want to add a pair of adjustable rear upper cambers to your Infiniti G37 like the one in the photo above? These adjustable rear camber kits have a powder coated matte red finish with hardened rubber bushings. Head over to Amazon and get your Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Kit for […]

Replacement CV Joint Boot Kit for an Infiniti G37

Are the CV (Constant Velocity) joint boots on your Infiniti G37 getting worn out or are they getting dry rotted? Then you may want to consider replacing the CV joint boots like the ones shown in the kit above. Average CV joint boot kits can be found over on Amazon […]

Infiniti G37 / Q60 Chrome Replacement Grille

Looking to replace the chrome grille on your Infiniti G37 / Q60? How about one that looks like the one in the photo above? If so then head on over to Amazon to grab yours today for around $192.63 plus FREE Shipping. This chrome replacement grille is an affordable product […]