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Infiniti G37 Adjustable Right Height Lowering Kit

Are you looking to modify your Infiniti G37? How about doing it with some coilovers that are entry level performance coil spring over shock damper system like the ones shown in the photo above. They are designed to fit the following: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe […]

Infiniti G37 Pro Adjustable Coilover Kit / Damper System

Looking to add a fully adjustable 36-way coilover kit like the one in the photo above? The dampening adjustment alters compression and rebound simultaneously, for more effective and user-friendly setup changes. With the pillow ball top mounts in the front and rear on some applications allow the vehicle to install […]

Infiniti Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Kit

Want to add a pair of adjustable rear upper cambers to your Infiniti G37 like the one in the photo above? These adjustable rear camber kits have a powder coated matte red finish with hardened rubber bushings. Head over to Amazon and get your Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Kit for […]

Pre-Painted Front Bumper Lip Fits 2008-2010 Infiniti G37

Looking to add a modification to your 2008-2010 Infiniti G37? How about a pre-painted front bumper lip like the one in the photo above. The front bumper lip is designed to fit a 2008-2010 Infiniti G37S Coupe & 2011-2014 G37X Coupe Non Sport (Removal OF Fog Lights Required). The Front […]

Infiniti G37 Red LED Light Silver Gear Stick Shift Knob

Looking for an affordable Infiniti G37 modification? How about a LED gear shift knob like the one in the photo above. The custom gear shift knob fits Manual Transmission Shifter or the “Buttonless” Automatic Transmission Shifters only! There are 3 shifting styles, 4 adapter sizes, and screw driver that is […]

Infiniti G37 Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit

Want to increase the oil capacity by 0.65 quarts on your Infiniti G37 coupe? How about the temperature difference by 30°F or the pressure drop of 2-3 psi? Then consider a 19-row stacked-plate oil cooler for optimal fluid temperature reduction. The oil cooler kits are a direct fit for 2008+ […]

Infiniti G37 Non-Sport TS Style Front Bumper Lip

Looking to mod your Infiniti G37? How about this custom / affordable front bumper lip shown in the photo above. The item is designed to fit: 2008-2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe SPORT MODEL or a 2011-2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe NON-SPORT Model. Note that the bumper lip will only fit on original […]

Replace the Start Button on Infiniti G37 with a Nissan GT-R

Looking to add a nice custom modification to your Infiniti G37? How about replacing the ignition switch with one that is used on a Nissan GT-R. Simply follow the directions giving in the tutorial video above. Grab your Nissan GT-R Ignition Starter Switch over on Amazon for around $45.50 plus […]