2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 STILLEN Rear Trunk Wing

Infiniti q50
(Photo: Credits)

The Infiniti Q50 Rear Trunk Wing (also called a rear deck wing or rear spoiler), like all of STILLEN’s body components, have been specifically designed for the Infiniti Q50 and made from our durable and resilient polyurethane.

This wing is shipped ready for final prep and painting so they can be easily installed onto your trunk with no drilling required. STILLEN’s Aero Parts are designed, tested, and produced in our facilities in Costa Mesa, California.

Care is taken to manage air flow as well as to blend the lines of each part with the vehicle. The effect is a distinctive statement that fits; each part looks like it came from the Infiniti design studio. Our polyurethane parts are so flexible, durable and impact resistant, we include a Limited Lifetime Warranty to guarantee these components against breakage or cracking in normal use for as long as the owner owns their Q50.

Grab your Infiniti Q50 STILLEN Rear Trunk Wing Today!

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