Set of Lowering Spring for an Infiniti M35

Lowering Springs

So you own an Infiniti M35 or you just bought a project car and you’re considering lowering it? Well you’ll want to consider some custom lowering springs like the ones shown in the photo above. Designed and tested to be used in conjunction with OEM or similar shocks for excellent ride comfort and slightly increased handling.

The shown lowering springs are designed for those seeking a slightly lowered stance while maintaining high ride quality at a reasonable price. Most vehicles will attain a 1.2 inch drop for a more attractive appearance, added performance, and excellent comfort.

  • Front spring rate: 7 kilogram per millimeter (392 pounds per inch)
  • Rear spring rate: 9.2 kilogram per millimeter (403 pounds per inch)
  • Front ride height: -30 millimeter (-1.2 inch)
  • Rear ride height: -13 millimeter (-0.5 inch)

ASIN: B002HU19R4
Manufacturer Part Number: SKP60-BUB00
Brand: Tein

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