How to adjust the ambient lighting settings in the Infiniti Q50’s interior?

Adjusting the ambient lighting settings in an Infiniti Q50’s interior can vary based on the model year and trim level of your vehicle. However, I can provide you with a general guideline that should give you an idea of how to adjust the ambient lighting settings:

  1. Start the Vehicle: Ensure that your Infiniti Q50 is turned on and running, or at least in the “Accessory” mode.
  2. Locate the Controls: The controls for ambient lighting settings are typically found within the vehicle’s infotainment system or on the dashboard.
  3. Access the Infotainment System: If the ambient lighting settings are managed through the infotainment system, look for a button labeled “MENU,” “Settings,” “Setup,” or something similar on the center console. Press this button to access the infotainment menu.
  4. Navigate to Ambient Lighting Settings: Inside the infotainment menu, navigate through the options using the touchscreen, knobs, or buttons. Look for a category related to vehicle settings, lighting, or interior customization. You might find options for adjusting the ambient lighting color, intensity, or zones.
  5. Adjust the Ambient Lighting: Once you’re in the appropriate menu, you can make adjustments to the ambient lighting settings. This may include selecting the color you prefer, adjusting the brightness or intensity of the lighting, and even customizing different lighting zones within the vehicle’s interior.
  6. Save and Exit: After making your desired adjustments, be sure to save your changes and exit the menu.
  7. Physical Controls (if applicable): In some models, there might be physical controls or buttons on the dashboard or center console specifically for adjusting the ambient lighting. These controls could include buttons to change colors or brightness levels directly without going through the infotainment system.

Remember that the availability and complexity of ambient lighting settings can vary between different model years, trim levels, and optional packages of the Infiniti Q50. For precise instructions tailored to your vehicle, it’s best to refer to the owner’s manual that came with your car. If you’re still having trouble adjusting the ambient lighting settings, you can also contact your local Infiniti dealership for assistance.

Here are a few videos that show more information about ambient lighting in the Q50:

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