List of Infiniti Q50 Paint Codes & Location

Here is a list of Infiniti Q50 paint codes:

  • Brilliant Silver Metallic (K23)
  • Cayenne Red Metallic (NAH)
  • Chestnut Bronze (CAN)
  • Deep Blue Pearl (RAY)
  • Grand Blue (RCJ)
  • Gun Metallic (KAD)
  • Hagane Blue (RBP)
  • Jet Black Pearl (GAG)
  • Malbec Black (GAC)
  • Mocha Almond Pearl (CAS)
  • Moonlight White Pearl (QAA)
  • Passion Red (NBA)
  • Pearl White (QAB)
  • Pure White (QAW)
  • Slate Gray (KBZ)
  • Super Black (KH3)

You can find your Infiniti Q50’s paint code on the inside of the driver’s doorjamb. It is a four-digit code that is usually located near the VIN.

If you are not sure what your Infiniti Q50’s paint code is, you can contact your local Infiniti dealer. They will be able to look up your vehicle’s VIN and provide you with the correct paint code.

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