2014-15 Infiniti Q50 STILLEN Premium Front Splitter

infiniti q50 splitter
(Photo: Credits)

The Infiniti Q50 Sedan has some aggressive front styling in the fascia, and the STILLEN Premium Front Splitter adds depth and a fantastic look to the Q50. STILLEN Splitters are made from durable and resilient polyurethane, and increase down force to the front wheels as well as improving the look, similar to a lip spoiler.

An added benefit is an increase in airflow through the radiator, a byproduct of the high pressure zone created above the splitter as it slices through the air.

The Q50 Front Splitter comes painted in a matte black finish, ready to be installed, but you can also have it painted any color desired, some prefer to have their splitters paint matched, gloss black, etc. the choice is up to you!

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your Infiniti Q50 with striking results!

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