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Infiniti Q50 Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System

Want to add a new exhaust system to your Infiniti Q50? How about stainless steel one that adds a deep tone sporty sound with a High Efficiency flow design for quick throttle response. The shown exhaust system has a 60mm Double Walled Muffler Tip. The exhaust system is engineered to […]

Infiniti InTouch Services through Amazon Alexa

Did you know you can use your voice to open a new dimension of connectivity between you and your vehicle using the Infiniti InTouch Services Skill with Amazon Alexa. You can now control your Infiniti by using just your voice, giving you confidence and convenience right from your home Forgot […]

How to Change the Brake Pads on an Infiniti Q50s

The informative video above provides a high quality easy to follow DiY tutorial on how to change the brake pads on an Infiniti Q50s. If you’re looking to for some quality replacement brake pads then consider these brake pads below: Akebono Performance Ultra Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Kit – […]

Infiniti Q50 Front Bumper Lip Splitter

Want to add some affordable mods to your Infiniti Q50? How about a front lip slitter like the one shown in the image above? It is designed for 2014-2017 Infiniti Q50 Base model only it will not fit the sport model or sport bumper. The package includes 1 piece of […]

Infiniti Q50 inTouch Screen Issues

Has anyone else had any issues with their Infiniti inTouch system? The video above shows how slow the system loads… It takes roughly 1 minute and 37 seconds just load everything up. Is this a standard issue for the 2014 Infiniti Q50? Here are a few other videos to check […]

Infiniti Q50 Steering Problems / Pulling Issues

The clip above shows someone driving their Infiniti Q50 when the steering wheel starts acting up. Below are a few other clips that show other Infiniti Q50 owners with steering problems happening to their car. Dangerous Infiniti Q50s steering problem – View Video Infiniti Q50 Steering Issue at 8636 Miles […]

Infiniti Q50 RedSport Engine Temperature Gauge / Sensor Problem

The video clip above shows the engine temperature gauge going towards the “Cold” and the RPM’s are increased and the car is accelerating. Has this happened to anyone else with a 2017 Infiniti Q50 RedSport? If this or a similar issue has happened simply leave a comment below and let […]

Infiniti Q50 Power Steering Problems / Issues

The video above shows a quick clip about the common power steering problem that people are noticing with the Infiniti Q50. Has this happened to your Infiniti Q50? If so feel free to leave a comment below letting others know that this has happened to you. If you’re looking for […]

How to Debadge an Infiniti G37 – Q50

Want to learn how to remove the emblems on your Infiniti G37 or Q50? The quick tutorial video above provides simple DIY instructions on how to debadge your emblems. If you’re looking to replace the emblems on your Infiniti then check out the other posts on the site or head […]