Day: April 15, 2015

Infiniti Q50 STILLEN Front Splitter (Lip Spoiler)

(Photo: Credits) The Infiniti Q50 Sedan has some aggressive front styling in the fascia, and the STILLEN Front Splitter adds depth and a fantastic look to the Q50. STILLEN Splitters are made from durable and resilient polyurethane, and increase down force to the front wheels as well as improving the […]

2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 – Cabin Micro Air Filter

(Photo: Credit) Pollen, allergens, various fuel-based contaminants from the outside road environment all pass into and are filtered by your vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter, or CAF. A Cabin Air Filter is designed to have the same or better filtration efficiency as the original equipment filter: its identical dust load capacity […]

Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard Simulator

(Photo: Credits) I recently found a great Infiniti Q50 InTouch Dashboard simulator. The simulator allows you to test out the InTouch applications as well as the navigation feature. Now only if the real InTouch System would process as fast as the simulator. Check out the Infiniti Q50 simulator and feel […]